Education Source

Past Issues


Vol. 1, Issue 1. 2008


1.      An Evaluation of the Impact of the PSMDP on the Management Performance Areas from the Perspectives of the SMT’s.

        Monyatsi, P. P., Tsayang, G, T., Mhozya, C. & Bulawa, P.


2.      An Appraisal of Instructional Materials Used to Educate Migrant Fishermen’s Children in Rivers State, Nigeria

         Ogbondah L.


3.     Non-Formal Education as a Tool to Human Resource Development: An Assessment

        Egbezor, D. E. & Okanezi, B.


4.     Education in Eritrea: Developmental Challenges

        Rena, R.


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Vol. 2, Issue 1. 2009


1.     Towards Accomplishing the Goal of the World of Work through Social Studies Instruction: Possibilities and Challenges.

        Dube, O. & Moffat, P.


2.     The Impact of Perceived Stress and Stress Factors on Academic Performance of Pre-Diploma Science Students:

        A Malaysian Study.

        Rafidah, K., Azizah, A., Norzaid, M. D., Chong, S. C., Salwani, M. I. & Noraini, I.


3.    Applying Alternative Strategies for the Teaching of Values Education in Contemporary Society.

       Amaele, S.


4.    Resources Input as Condition for Sustainable Development in Nigerian Universities.

      Obielumani, I.


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Vol. 2, Issue 2. 2009


1.    Teacher Trainees’ Level of Preparedness for Inclusive Education in Botswana Schools: Need for Change

       Mukhopadhyay, S., Molosiwa, S. M. & Moswela, E.


2.    Determining World Class University from the Evaluation of Service Quality and Students Satisfaction Level:

       An Empirical Study in Malaysia

       Zakaria, Z. B, Ahmad, A. B. & Norzaidi, M. D.


3.    Interaction Effects of Instructional Mode and School Setting on Students’ Knowledge of Integrated Science

       Agboghoroma, T. E.


4.    The Effect of Strategic Alignment on Strategic Information System Planning (SISP) Success:

       An Exploratory Study in Public Universities in Malaysia

       Basir, H. B. M & Norzaidi, M. D.


5.    Teacher Utilization of Instructional Equipment and Materials in Teaching Basic Electricity in Urban and Rural Technical


       Umunadi, K. E.


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Vol. 3, Issue 1. 2010


1.    Mainstreaming Environment and Sustainability Issues in Institutions of Higher Education: The Case of the University of


       Ketlhoilwe, M. J. & Jeremiah, K.


2.    The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Identify People at Risk of Oral Cancer: Empirical Evidence in Malaysian University

       Rosma, M. D.,  Sameem, A. K., Basir, A., Mazlipah, I. S. & Norzaidi, M. D.


3.    The Construction of Girls’ Motivational Orientations through their Social Engagement in School Mathematics

       Nkhwalume, A. A.


4.    Pedagogical Practices of Business Studies Teachers in Botswana Junior Secondary Schools: Are Teachers and Curriculum

       Planners Singing from the Same Hymnbook?

       Sithole, B. M.


5.    Determining Mediating Effect of Information Satisfaction on International Students’ College Choice: Empirical Evidence in

       Malaysia’s University

       Nurlida, I., Faridah, H., Nooraini, M. S. & Norzaidi, M. D.


6.    The Impact of Instructional Media on the Education of Youths on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria Urban Communities

       Adekola, G.


7.    The Rationality of Rotational Presidency: Multi-ethnicity Hampers Smooth Educational and Political Development

       Eresia-Eke , A.  & Eberiye, S. S.


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Vol. 3, Issue 2. 2010


1.    Threat of Perceived Stereotype on Behaviour Related to Choice of and Practices in Teaching as a Career among Teacher


       Nenty, J. H.


2.    Prudential Approach to Resource Management in Nigerian Education: A Theoretical Perspective

       Agabi, C. O.


3.    Transfigurations of Nigerian Federalism

       Eresia-Eke, A. & Eberiye, S. S.


4.     Democratizing Education for the Enhancement of Education for Sustainable Development: A Challenge in Botswana

       Jotia, A. L.


5.     Secret Cults at Niger Delta University

        Epkenyong, S. N.


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Vol. 3, Issue 3. 2010


1.    The Operation of the Commerce Festival as an Activity Approach to Learning

       Cheung, C. K. & Emily, Y. M. N.


2.    Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutions in Southern Africa

       Ketlhoilwe, M. J.


3.    Education and Human Resource Planning In Nigeria: The Case of National Manpower Board (NMB)

       Agabi, C. O. & Ogah, J. I.


4.    Information and Communication Technology Empowerment of Early Childhood Education Teachers in Botswana

       Bose, K.


5.    The Role of Women in Sheep and Goats Production in Sub-Saharan Africa

       Hulela, K.


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Vol. 4, Issue 1. 2011



1.    Reader-Response Approach: An Intervention in Composition Writing at Junior Secondary Schools in Botswana

       Adeyemi, D. A.


2.     The Introduction of Entrepreneurship Education to School Leavers in a Vocational Institute

        Chi-Kim Cheung, C. & Chan, Y. C. R.


3.     Bachelor of Education in Educational Management Students’ Perception of their Programme of Study: Case of University of


        Tsayang, G.


4.     Sources of Positive Stereotypes: Perspectives of Junior Secondary Students in Botswana

        Adeyemi, M. B.


5.     Street Trading and Child Labour in Yenegoa

        Ekpenyong, S. N. & Sibiri, A. E.


6.      Perceptions of Agriculture Science Teachers Regarding Negative Deviant Behaviours of Students in Senior Secondary

        Schools in Botswana

        Hulela, K. & Matsolo, W.


Complete Issue 4(1)


Vol. 4, Issue 2. 2011



1.      Realism with the Triangulation Techniques: The Effective Methods for Social Science Research

         Norzanah, N. M., Daud, N. M. & Jamaludin, N. L.


2.      African Scholars Publishing in American Online Journals: Emperical Analysis by an Editor

         Adewuyi, D. A.


3       Agriculture and Transportation in Rural Social Transformation

         Atemie, J. D. & Uzorka, M. C.


4       Youth Empowerment for National Development

         Eresia-Eke, A. & Eberiye, S. S.


5.      School Climate and Academic Performance in High and Low Achieving Schools: Nandi Central District, Kenya

         Makewa, L. N., Role, E. Role, J., & Yegoh, E.


6       Appraising the Performance of Secondary School Students on the WAEC and NECO SSCE from 2004 to 2006

         Kpolovie, P. J., Ololube, N. P. & Ekwebelem, A. B. I


7      Constructing an Emotional Intelligence Radar for Indian Professional College Students

        Malekar, S. & Mohanty, R. P.


8      Using Focus Group Interviews to Research Adolescent’s Beliefs and Perceptions of Sex, Sexuality, HIV and AIDS in

        Educational Settings: Methodological Successes and Challenges

        Jankie, D., Garegae, K. G. & Tsheko, G. N.


 Complete Issue 4(2)


 Vol. 4, Issue 3&4. 2011


1       Religious Freedom in Educational Institutions: Do Students Know their Rights?

         Rammolai, M.


2      Investigating Students’ Achievement in Mathematics through Non Technological Game Based Teaching

         Mustafa, J., Khan, A., & Ullah, A


3       Understanding the Social Studies Teachers’ Experiences:  Conceptions of Citizenship in Botswana

         Mhlauli, M. B.


4      The Effects of Use of Learning Strategies Training on Students Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning

        Fallahchai, R.


5      Training and Availability of Skills for Sustenance of Standard in Classroom Assessment Practices among Lesotho Teachers

        Phamotse, T., Nenty, H. J., & Odili, J. N.



Complete Issue 4(3&4)


Vol. 5, Issue 1. 2012



1       Education as an Economic Investment

         Agabi, C. O.


2       Borankana (Phathisi) Music Performance, Learning and Transmission among the Bakwena of Botswana

         Phibion, O. S.


3       Paradigms in 21st Century Global Science Education, a Review Essay of Derek Hodson’s Looking to the Future: Building a

         Curriculum for Social Activism

         McFarlane, D. A.


4       Training Pre-service Teachers in Environmental Education: The Case of Colleges of Education in Botswana

         Mosothwane, M., & Ndwapi, G.


5       Reflections on the Problems Encountered in the Teaching and Learning of English Language in Mozambique’s Public


         Mawere, M.


6       Evaluation of Teacher Factors Associated with Mathematics Performance in Primary Schools in Kenya

         Makewa, L. N., Role, E., Jackson K., Too, J. K. & Kiplagat, P.


7       Theory Vs Practice: The Case of Primary Teacher Education in Botswana

         Major, T. E, & Tiro, L.


Complete Issue Vol., 5(1)


Vol. 5, Issue 2. 2012


1       A Critical Assessment of the Role/Importance of Non-Formal Education to Human and National Development in Nigeria:

        Future Trends

        Ololube, N. P., & Egbezor, D. E.


2      The Influence of School and Community Choral Contests in the Introduction of Music Education in Botswana Schools.

        Phibion, O. S.


3      The Path taken so Far: Introducing Moral Education in Botswana Senior Secondary Schools

        Dinama, B.


4      Learning Related Vision Problems in School Age Children in Imo State University Primary and Secondary Schools

        Ihekaire, D. E., & Anyanwu, C.


5      The Role of Senior Secondary School Mathematics Teachers in the Development of Mathematics Curriculum in Botswana.

        Mosothwane, M.


6      Formal Education as a Panacea for Sustainable National Development: A Theoretical Discussion

        Uriah, O. A., & Wosu, J. I.


7       Assessment of Learners with Special Needs for Inclusive Education in Botswana: Issues and Challenges for schools

        Mangope, B., Kuyini, A. B., & Major, T.



Complete Issue Vol., 5(2)


Vol. 5, Issue 3. 2012



1       Application of Intelligence Indicators on Secondary School Safety and Security as a Measure of Learning Enhancement

         Amanchukwu, R. N.


2      Senior High School Students’ Understanding and Difficulties with Chemical Equations

         Baah, R., & Ampiah, J. G.


3      Global Partnership/Co-operation and Pragmatic Community Development: An Assessment of an EU-Micro Projects

         Programme (EU-MPP) in Selected Communities in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria

         Okon, D. E.


4       Cultural Inhibitions and the Rising Rate of Prostitution in Niger Delta

         Uzorka, M. C., & Orlu, C.


5      Cost-effective Employee Appreciation Strategies in Schools: A Review of Literature

         Wali, W. I,, & Elekwa, J. E.


6      The Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technology Curriculum: A Case of Private Senior Secondary Schools

         in Botswana

         Baliyan, S. P.


 7     Teacher Efficacies: Is Student Engagement Essential in Botswana Junior Secondary Schools?

         Moalosi, S. T. W.


8       An Investigation into Senior High School Students’ Difficulties and Understanding in Naming Inorganic Compounds by

         IUPAC Nomenclature

         Baah, R., & Anthony-Krueger, C.


 9      The Comparative Efficacy of Cyclopegic Drugs–Tropicamide and Cyclopentolate on School Children

         Ihekaire, D. E.


10    Micro-Credit for Micro-Enterprise: A Study of Women “Petty” Traders in Central Region, Ghana

        Otoo, B. K.


11    Drug Abuse in Nigerian Schools: A Study of Selected Secondary Institutions in Bayelsa State, South-South, Nigeria

        Ekpenyong, S. N.


Complete Issue Vol., 5(3)


Vol. 5, Issue 4. 2012


1      The Effect of Resource Room on Improving Reading and Arithmetic Skills for Learners with Learning Disabilities

         Al-Zoubi, S. M., & Rahman, M. S. B. A.


2       Exploring the Contextual Limitations of Angoff Grading Model: The Case of Botswana.

         Mogapi, M. O.


3      Cultural Concepts of Learning and Development

        Moalosi, W. T. S.


4      The Role of Education in Child Labour Eradication in Akwa Ibom State: A Review of Literature

        Ukommi, A. S.


Complete Issue Vol. 5(4)


Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2013


1      Academic Assessment of Students Work and Quality Assurance in Tertiary Institutions:  A Conceptual Framework.

        Azameti, M. S. K, & Adjei, E.


2      Inter-Professional Collaboration and Work Efficiency in Secondary Healthcare Delivery System in Rivers State.

        Onyekwere, L. A.


3      Barriers to Parental Involvement in Primary Schools: A case of Central North Region of Botswana.

        Mannathoko, M. C., & Mangope, B.


4      The Relationship between Individual Innovativeness and Self-efficacy Levels of Student Teachers

        Celik, K.


5      Theoretical Insights into Curriculum Reform in Botswana.

        Nkosana, L. M.


6      Quantitative Analysis of Human and Material Resources in the Implementation of Vocational and Technical Education in

        Rivers State, Nigeria.

        Osam, I.


7      Beginning Primary School Teachers’ Perspectives on the Role of Subject Specialization in Botswana Colleges of Education:

        Implications for the Professional Development of those who did not Specialize in Languages (English and Setswana)

        Mokotedi, S. T.


Complete Issue Vol., 6(1).


Vol. 6, Issue 2, 2013


1       The State of Guidance and Counselling Programmes in High Schools in Manicaland, Zimbabwe

         Mapfumo, J., & Nkoma, E


2       In-Service Needs for Educational Processes Skill Training of U.S. Food Safety Extension Educators

         Koundinya, V., & Martin, R.


3       Implementing Vocational and Technical Education Programmes in South-South Nigeria: A Case of Rivers State

         Osam, I.


4       The Satisfaction Level of Student Teachers with School Practice

         Sag, R.


5       The Indispensability of Utilitarian Evaluation Design in the Reformation of Nigerian Education

         Kpolovie, P. J., & Ololube, N. P.


6        Academic Staff Time Management Skills: Views from the Faculty of Education, Pamukkale University

          Erdem, A. R., & Gozel. E.


7      Knowledge and Participation in Capital Market Activities: The Ghanaian Experience

          Acquah-Sam, E., & Salami, K.


8       Turkish Teacher Candidates' Perceptions of “Media Literate Individual” Through Metaphors

         Arslan-Cansever, B.


9       Record Keeping Among Small Farmers in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects

         Dudafa, U. J.



Complete Issue Vol., 6(2)


Vol. 6, Issue 3, 2013


1       Understanding Elementary Students’ Argumentation Skills through Discrepant Event “Marbles in the Jar”.

         Akarsu, B., Bayram, K., Slisko, J., & Cruz, A. C.


2       Literature and Focus Group Analysis of the Approaches and Obstacle to Effective Educational Planning in Higher

         Education in an Emerging Economy.

         Ololube, N. P., & Kpolovie, P. J.


3       A Trial for Giving Studying Habit for Effective Teaching

         Savas, B.


4       Improving Industrial Harmony and Staff Performance in a School Organization through Effective Communication

         Mukoro, A. S.


5       Human Resource Development: Vocationalizing the Curriculum in Botswana

         Nthebolang, O. E.


6       Mathematics in Contemporary Societies: An Effective Tool for Achieving the Vision 20:2020 Agenda

         Ebisine, S. S.



7       Challenges in Academic Records Management in Tertiary Institutions in Ghana

         Azemati, M. S. K., & Adjei, E.


8      Social Studies Trainee Teachers’ Perceptions of their Community in Terms of Various Components of Sustainability:

         A Case Study from Kutahya City, Turkey.

         Senyurt, S.



Complete Issue Vol., 6(3)


Vol. 6, Issue 4, 2013


1        A Comparison of Teacher Candidates' Self-Efficacy on being Teachers in Multi-Grade Classes: Cases of Ege University and

          Mehmet Akif University.

          Arslan-Cansever, B., & Sag, R.


 2       The Dynamics of Curriculum Reforms in Botswana with Special Reference to Science Education.

         Mosothwane, M.


3        Prospective Science Teachers’ Understanding of the Nature of Science

          Zeha Yakar


4       Conflict Management and Resolution Strategies for Enhanced Personnel Productivity and Sustainable Administration in

          Higher Institutions in Nigeria

          Mukoro, A. S.


5        Being a Music Teacher: The Self in the Mirror of a School Principal

          Karakelle, S., & Duru, E. G.


6         Variables Affecting the Success of Students

           Savas, B., & Gürel, R.


7         Printmaking Art Education and a Wallboard Application Example in Arts Teaching Department

           Ayan, M. H.


8        Quality Assurance in the Nigerian Educational System: Matters Arising

          Kpolovie, P. J.


 Complete Issue Vol. 6(4)


Vol. 7, Issue 1, 2014


1        Threaded Discussions in the Online and Hybrid Learning Format: An Examination of their Effectiveness from the Students’


          Shelley, D. J., & Best, L.


2        Effective Conduct of Government Business in a Trust-Deficit Environment.

          Thom-Otuya, V. C., Ikechi, P. O., & Obindah, F.


3          Indecent Dressing and Awareness of Health Problems: A Study of ‘Sagging’ Dress Pattern Among Selected Male High

           School Students in Bayelsa State.

           Uzobo, E., Olomu, Y. M., & Ayinmoro, D. A.


4         Mother-Tongue Education in Botswana.

           Nkosana, L. B. M.


5         Education and Morality in a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Religious Society.

           Amaele, S., & Omordu, C.


6         Organizational Attractiveness: The Bases for Skill Attraction and Job Satisfaction in an Organization.

           Thom-Otuya, V. C., Opuwari, P. U., & Owuchukwa, D.


7         The Effectiveness of Teachers’ Professional Development Initiatives in Enhancing Teachers Growth in Botswana

           Secondary Schools

           Mphale, L. M.


8         School Inspection and Educational Supervision: Impact on Teachers’ Productivity and Effective Teacher Education

           Programs in Nigeria.

           Ololube, N. P., & Major, N. B.



 Complete Issue Vol., 7(1)


Vol. 7, Issue 2, 2014


1        The Challenges of Youth Restiveness and Educational Development in Rivers State.

          Uriah, O. A., Egbezor, D. E., & Ololube, N. P.


2        Communicative Disorder in Early Childhood: A Constructivist View.

          Odigie, V. O.


3        Determinants of Users’ Satisfaction on Selection of Mobile handsets: The case of India.

          Kalita, M., & Nath, R.


4        Occupational Stress and Employees Productivity in the Workplace.

          Ekundayo, J. A.


5        The Use of Accounting Information in Decision Making for Sustainable Development in Nigeria: A Study of Selected Tertiary

          Institutions in Imo State.

          Nwaigburu, K. O., & Mark, B. U.


6        Qualification as a Determinant of Job Performance of Senior Sports Teachers as Rated by Principals in Junior Secondary

          Schools in Botswana.

          Kamela, B., Nenty, H. J., & Ramatlala, M.


7        University Autonomy and Academic Freedom: Implication for Nigerian Universities.

          Okai, N. O., & Worlu, P.



Complete Issue Vol., 7(2), 2014


Vol. 7, Issue 3, 2014



1       Developing an Assessment of Statistics Teaching Knowledge

         Haines, B.


2       Employee Development and Customer Service in the Workplace.

         Ekundayo, J. A.


3       The Impact of Concentration of Oil Companies on Post-primary Schools in Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni Local Government Area of

         Rivers State.

         Osam, I.


Complete Issue Vol., 7(3) 2014


Vol. 8 Issue 1 2015


1        A Comparison of Full-time and Part-time University Students’ Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Threaded Discussions in

         Online Learning.

         Best, L. M., & Shelley, D. J.


2       Integration of New Technologies in Teaching and Learning of Accounting in Public Tertiary Institutions: A critical role of an

         Accountancy Educator.

         Nwokike, F. O.


4       Classroom Processes, Student Learning and Development.

         Ochoma, M. U.


5        Impact of Training and Development on Workers Productivity: A Study of Selected Oil Service Companies in Port Harcourt.

          Ekundayo, J. A.



Complete Issue Vol., 8(1) 2015


Vol. 8 Issue 2 2015


1        Environmental Education in Botswana: A Socio-cultural Analysis of Children’s Participation.

          Silo, N., & Mswela, N.


2       Managing Higher Education: Implication for Graduate Unemployment in Rivers State.

          Amaechina, O. U.


3        Teamwork: A Panacea for University Effectiveness.

          Okai, N. O., Worlu, P. N.


4         Boko Haram: Nigeria’s Invincible Enemy.

           Siro. A. D.



 Complete Issue Vol. 8(2), 2015


Vol. 8 Issue 3 2015


1         Does Academic Level Affect Student Perceptions of Threaded Discussions in Online Learning

           Best, L. M., Shelley, D. J.


2         Assessing the Level of Compliance with the Minimum Academic Standards in Administration of Colleges of Education in

          Delta State, Nigeria

           Mukoro, A. S., Agabi, E.


3        Awareness and Views of Farming Households regarding Land Resource Degradation and Conservation-the case of Bule

         Hora, Ethiopia (2013)

          Eshetu, S.


 Complete Issue Vol. 8(3), 2015


Vol. 8, Issue 4, 2015


1       Causes of Low Enrollment of Physics as a Subject of Study by Secondary School Students in Nigeria: A Descriptive


         Mbamara, U. S., & Eya, P. E.


2       Democratic Citizenship Education in Botswana: Challenges & Prospects.

         Oats, R.


3       Investigating the  Practice  of  Alternative  Assessment  in  English  Classrooms: The Case of Selected Grade Nine English

        Teachers Assessment Practices.

         Wubshet, H., & Menuta, F.


Complete Issue Vol., 8(4), 2015


Vol. 9, Issue 1, 2016


1       The Effects of Analogy on Male and Female Chemistry Students’ Problem-Solving Ability in Electrolysis

         Gongden, E. J.


2        Establishing the Assessment Model for English Language Continuous Writing Component

          Mogapi, M. O.


3        Teacher Education and Teacher Efficacy do they Match in Botswana Colleges of Education

          Moalosi, W. T. S., & Matsoga, J. T.


4        Culture and Differential Item Functioning in National Examinations Council Senior School Certification Mathematics

          Multiple Choice Test in Nigeria

          Ebesine, S. S.


Complete Issue Vol., 9(1) 2016


Vol. 9, Issue 2, 2016


1       Ameliorating Student’s Performance and Attitude towards Chemistry through Chemistry Problem–Solving Techniques


         Delmang, T. K., & Gongden, E. J.


2       Assessment of the Population Dynamics of Diurnal Primates in Old Oyo National Park, Nigeria

         Ojo, F. T.


3       Assessment of the Lack of Sports Equipment as Constraint to the Teaching and Learning of Physical Education in the

        Secondary Schools in Kogi state, Nigeria. .

        Bamidele, B. B., Bamidele, B. O., & Obaseki, S. J.


4       Managing the Role of Science and Technology Education Programs in Promoting Enterprises for National Development in


         Osam, I.


5        Implementation of Environmental Education (EE) in History in Seychelles: The Case of the Beau Vallon Secondary School.

          Duval, N., & Kanene, K. M.


6      Impact of Students’ Parental Background on Academic Achievement in Secondary Schools in Obio/Akpor LGA, Rivers

         State, Nigeria.

         Ogbugo-Ololube, R.


7       The Place of Ecology in Academic Performance as Perceived by Students in Nandi, Kenya. .

         Yegoh, E., Kiplagat, P., & Tuimur, R.


Complete Issue 9(2), 2016



Vol. 9, Issue 3, 2016


1        Physical Activity of Adults Aged 50 Years and Older in Canada

          Kayapinar, F. C, & Savas, B.


2        Nigerian Business Environment Daunting: Challenges and Suggested Solutions

          Obisi, C., & Gbadamosi, A. A. O.


3       Indigenous Songs and Games in the Classroom

         Kekana, S. M.


3       Body Mass Index (BMI) Scores and Attitudes towards Physical Activity

         Kayapinar, F. C, & Savas, B.


5       The Empirical Validity of the Adjustment to Virtual Work Arrangement by Business Organisations in Anambra State

         Obisi, C.


6      Relationship between Funding and the Successful Organization of the Bi-Annual Sports Competitions in

        Unity Schools in Nigeria

        Bamidele, B. B., & Ige, P. T.


 Complete Issue 9(3), 2016



Vol. 9, Issue 4, 2016


1        Low Birth Rate Policy: A Global Adoption to Alleviate Savings and Investment of Nations.

          Ojo, F. T.


2        The Relevance of Faith in Winning Competitive Business Advantage in Business Organisations:

           A Study of Selected Banks in Lagos, Nigeria.

          Obisi, C.


3        Enriching the Role/Importance of Social Workers in Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Society for

          Sustainable Development.

          Onyekwere, L. A.


4        Mathematics Education: Resourcefulness for effective Research.

          Otikor,  M. S.


5       Impact of Human Capital Development on Digitisation Process in the Media Industry.

          Obisi, C., & Remi, S.


6       The Influence of Militancy Variables on Educational Development of Secondary Schools in Rivers State,


          Ogbugo-Ololube, R.


7       The Importance of Incorporating Environmental Education (EE) into Teacher Education Programmes in


          Agbor, C. N.


8       Youth Polytechnic Students’ Perception of Vocational Training in Nandi County, Kenya.

         Metto, W. K.


9       Gender Mainstreaming as Index of Sustainable Human Development in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects

         Okon, D. E.


10      Nigerian University Quota Admission System and Quality of Education in Universities in Cross River State,


          Odigwe, F., & Swem, T.


11      Education Fund Misappropriation and Mismanagement and the Provision of Quality Higher Education

          in Nigeria

          Ololube, N. P.


12       Cognitive Enrichment Advantage: Can it have an Impact on the Effectiveness of Pre-service Teachers in


           Moalosi, W. T. S.


Complete Issue Vol., 9(4), 2016



Vol. 10 Issue 1, 2017



1          Bridging the Gap in the Current Global Initiative in Validation Process in Psychometrics: Nigerian


            Essen, C. B., Ukofia, I. F., Bassey, B. A., & Idika, D. O.


2         Influence of Free Primary Education on Performance in KCPE in Chemundu Zone, Kapsabet Division in

           Nandi County, Kenya.

           Metto, W. K.


3         The Media and Corruption in Nigeria.

            Akani, C.


4         Developing a Checklist for Assessing the Appropriateness of Education Degree Research Projects in

           South-Eastern Universities, Nigeria.

           Onah, F. E., & Amaechi, C. E.


5         The Influence of Goal setting, Motivation, Job demand, Parental support, Unemployment and Peer

           influence on Scrambling for Postgraduate studies among Nigerian Youths.

           Animasahun, R. A.


6         Effects of Ethno-Science Instructional Approach on Students’ Achievement and Interest in Upper

           Basic cience and Technology in Benue State, Nigeria.

           Okwara, O. K., & Upu, F. T.


7         The Attitudes of Turkish and Croatian University Students towards Exercise.

           Kayapınar, F. C., Savas, B., & Getto, L.


8         Effect of Explicit Problem Solving Instruction on Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Physics.

           Adegoke, B. A.


9         Evaluation of the Application of ICT in Continuous Assessment by Academic Staff of Universities in Abia

           State, Nigeria.

           Ihechu, K. J., & Ugwuoji, N.


10      Teachers Variables and Application of Test Blue Prints in Learners Assessment in Secondary Schools in

           Cross River State.

           Ovat, S., & Ofem, U. S.


11       Assessment of Selected Science Process Skills Acquisition among Senior Secondary Schools Students in

           Calabar Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria.

           Amanso, E. O. I., & Bassey, B. A



Complete Issue Vol., 10(1), 2017


Vol. 10, Issue 2, 2017.


127-136     Classroom Management and the Attainment of Education Objectives in Primary Schools in Nigeria.

                  Nwiyi, G. U.


137-147     Effect of Projected Instructional Media on Senior Secondary School Students Achievement in Biology.

                  Okwara, O. L., Anyagh, P. I., & Ikyaan, G. S.


148-155     Sustainable Development: A Case for Female-Headed Households in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

                  China, M. A., Lilly, G., & Igbemi, M. J.


156-168     Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) as a Strategy for Employment Generation in Nigeria:

                   A Study of Selected Manufacturing Companies in Delta State of Nigeria.

                   Abeh, O.


169-175     Cultism as a Ticking Time Bomb in Nigerian Schools: Challenges and the Way Forward.

                  Birabil, S. T., & Okanezi, B.


176-190     Perception of Parents towards Sex Education on Primary School Pupils in Calabar Education Zone of

                  Cross River State, Nigeria.

                  Esuabana, S.


191-200     Perceived Effects of Marital Crisis on Academic Performance of Adult Learners of National Teachers

                  Institute (PGDE Centres) in Rivers State

                  Okanezi, B., & Hanachor, M. E.


201-211     Effect of Gender Imbalance in The Enrolment of Students in Public Secondary Schools in Gwagwalada

                  Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

                  Afu, M. O., Gbobo, V. F., Ukofia, I. F., Itakure, Z. S.


212-220     Migration and Resettlement Challenges of Bakassi Returnees in Yenagoa.

                  Ingiabuna, E. T.


221-227     Effect of Diagnostic and Feedback Assessment Approaches in Enhancing Achievement in Mathematics

                  among Secondary School Students in Calabar Municipality.

                  Ofem, U. J., Idika, D., & Ovat, S. V.


228-245     Niger Delta Crisis and the Challenges of Development in the Region

                  Dudafa, U. J.


             Complete Issue Vol., 10(2)  2017



Vol. 10, Issue 3, 2017.


228-242    Effects of High-Stakes Examinations on the Teaching and Learning of Physics in Secondary Schools in


                  Adegoke, B. A.


243-260     Students’ Perceptions of the Mini-Enterprise in Botswana Junior Secondary Schools.

                  Solomon, G. E., Sithole, B. M., & Nhete, T.


261-271     Prolonged Hospitalisation of Terminally-Ill Patients and its Impact on Family Care Givers at the Benue

                  State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi, Nigeria.

                  Atsua, T. G., & Igyar, T. J.


272-277     Planning Teachers’ Workload for Effective Service Delivery in the School System.

                  Adiele, E. E.


278-294     The Problems and Prospects of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) Growth and Development

                  in Nigeria: A Study of Selected SMEs in Delta State.

                  Ossai, Abeh


295-310     Predictive Estimates of Psycho-Socio-Personal Variables on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB)

                  among Personnel of NSCDC in South-Western Nigeria.

                  Animasahun, R. A., & Aremu, S. O.


311-324     Connecting Mathematics to Real Life Problem using Instructor Quality and Availability, Mathematics

                  Facility and Teacher Motivation for Prediction.

                  Arthur, Y. D., Asiedu–Addo, S., & Assuah, C.


325-342     Administrators In-service Needs in Higher Education in South-South Nigeria.

                  Wali, W. I.


343-351     Principals’ Managerial Techniques as Correlates of Teachers’ Service Delivery in Public Secondary

                  Schools in Rivers State.

                  David-West, T. M., & Kaegon, L. S. E.


352-361     Factors Hindering Effective Production and Utilization of Teacher-Made Instructional Materials in Teaching

                  Senior Secondary Chemistry in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

                  Achimugu, L., & Onojah, P. K.


362-270     Institutional Activities and Accreditation of Higher Education Academic Programmes in the Era of Economic

                  Recession in Cross River State, Nigeria.

                  Udida, U. J., Essien, E. S., & Pisca, J. I.


271-289     Overview of Agricultural Education in India: A Review.

                  Chaudhary, A. P., & Chaudhary, H. A.


290-299     Promotion of Computer Forensics Education in Nigeria: Implications for National Security.

                  Chigozie-Okwum, C., Micheal, D., & Ugboaja, S.


                Complete Issue Vol., 10(3)  2017


Vol. 10, Issue 4, 2017.


300-317     Segismundo, M. C. D. (2017). Organizational Communication Efficiency Assessment Scale for Senior

                  College Students: A Factor Analysis.

                  Segismundo, M. C. D.


318-328     Issues and Concerns in Personnel Auditing in the Management of Basic Education in a Recessed

                  Economy: Spotlight on Rivers State.

                   Abraham, N. M., & Afangideh, S. T.


329-337     An Investigation of Qualified Social Studies Teachers in Post-Primary Schools in Rivers State.

                  Abie, S.


338-346     Fundamental Challenges in the Administration of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Nigeria.

                  Agi, U. K.


347-361    Teachers’ Academic Qualification and Teachers Years of Teaching Experience: Effective Implementation

                  of Upper Basic Social Studies Curriculum in Rivers State.

                  Nwanekezi, A. U., & Ibekwe, M. P.


362-372    Cognitive Test Anxiety as a Predicator of Academic Achievement among Secondary School Students in

                  Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State.

                  Amalu, M. N.


373-378     Advocacy for School Libraries in Nigeria.

                  David-West, B. T., & Bassey, M. M.


379-387    The Historical Perspectives of Land Acquisition for Sustainable Development in Rivers State:

                  A Case Study of Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality in Nigeria 1913-2015.

                  Ikunga, S. A.


388-400    Online Teaching and Learning: Challenges Encountered by Online Freshmen in Pursuance of Higher

                  Degree in Nigeria.

                  Amadi, R., & Oriji, A.


401-412    Teachers Education and Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects.

                  Nnokam, N. C., & Sule, H.


413-424     Integrated Curriculum, Cooperative (Jigsaw II) and Project Based Learning Applications.

                  Demir, K., & Senemoğlu, N.


425-439     Privatisation and Political Challenges in Nigeria, 1999-2007.

                  Orluwene, O. B.


440-450     Effects of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (Rebt) on Curbing Examination Malpractice Behaviour

                   Among Public Secondary School Students in Calabar Municipality.

                   Ntamu, B. A.


                   Complete Issue  Vol., 10(4), 2017


Vol. 10, Issue 5, 2017.


451-459     Analyzing Ba, Mariama (1979) book, “So long a letter” from a Citizenship Education Lens.

                  Mhlauli, M. B.


560-473     The Effectiveness of the Chemistry PBL Method via Facebook on the Soft Skills of College Students.

                  Sunar, M. S. M., & Shaari, A. J.


474-482     Privatisation and Employment Generation in Nigeria: Myth or Reality (1999-2007).

                  Orluwene, O. B., & Selem-Amachree, I.


483-504     Evaluating Vocabulary Learning Strategies (VLS): Gender differences, the most and least used (VLS)

                  among Angolan EFL Students at the Faculty of Arts (Luanda, Angola).

                  Manuel, N. N.


505-519    Teachers’ Perspectives on Learning Strategies Utilised by Standard Five ESL Learners in Reading for

                  Comprehension Across the Curriculum in Primary Schools in Botswana.

                  Mokotedi, R. T., & Mhlauli, M. B.


520-532     Teachers’ Voices on School Toilet Sanitation.

                  Kasule, D., Silo, N., & Seetso, G. T.


533-540     Teen-Perception and Communication Style in Adolescent Counseling: The River Between.

                   Azunwena, R. N.


541-555     The Development of Secondary and University Education in Rivers State of Nigeria: The Compelling

                  Forces and their Realities.

                  Uriah, O. A., & Okachikwu-Agbaraeke, O.


556-563     Swimming in Flood Waters: An Examination of the Syrian Spring.

                  Eremie, V. T.


564-572     Curbing Youth Restiveness in Rivers State: The Role of Adult Education.

                   Alozie, K., & Torutein, O.


573-576     Women Empowerment and Indian Constitution.

                  Singh, R. K.


577-589     Psychometric Properties of English Language in Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination

                  Questions in Rivers State.

                  Joe-Kinanee, J. N. B., & Opara, I. M.


590-600     Art and Design Discourse: A Critical Review of Botswana Lower Primary School Creative and Performing

                  Arts Texts for Curricula Relevance and Alignment

                  Mannathoko, M. C.



                  Complete Issue  Vol., 10(5), 2017


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