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Vol. 10, Issue 4, 2017.


300-317     Segismundo, M. C. D. (2017). Organizational Communication Efficiency Assessment Scale for Senior

                  College Students: A Factor Analysis.

                  Segismundo, M. C. D.


318-328     Issues and Concerns in Personnel Auditing in the Management of Basic Education in a Recessed

                  Economy: Spotlight on Rivers State.

                   Abraham, N. M., & Afangideh, S. T.


329-337     An Investigation of Qualified Social Studies Teachers in Post-Primary Schools in Rivers State.

                  Abie, S.


338-346     Fundamental Challenges in the Administration of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Nigeria.

                  Agi, U. K.


347-361    Teachers’ Academic Qualification and Teachers Years of Teaching Experience: Effective Implementation

                  of Upper Basic Social Studies Curriculum in Rivers State.

                  Nwanekezi, A. U., & Ibekwe, M. P.


362-372    Cognitive Test Anxiety as a Predicator of Academic Achievement among Secondary School Students in

                  Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State.

                  Amalu, M. N.


373-378     Advocacy for School Libraries in Nigeria.

                  David-West, B. T., & Bassey, M. M.


379-387    The Historical Perspectives of Land Acquisition for Sustainable Development in Rivers State:

                  A Case Study of Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality in Nigeria 1913-2015.

                  Ikunga, S. A.


388-400    Online Teaching and Learning: Challenges Encountered by Online Freshmen in Pursuance of Higher

                  Degree in Nigeria.

                  Amadi, R., & Oriji, A.


401-412    Teachers Education and Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects.

                  Nnokam, N. C., & Sule, H.


413-424     Integrated Curriculum, Cooperative (Jigsaw II) and Project Based Learning Applications.

                  Demir, K., & Senemoğlu, N.


425-439     Privatisation and Political Challenges in Nigeria, 1999-2007.

                  Orluwene, O. B.


440-450     Effects of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (Rebt) on Curbing Examination Malpractice Behaviour

                   Among Public Secondary School Students in Calabar Municipality.

                   Ntamu, B. A.




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