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Vol. 10, Issue 5, 2017.


451-459     Analyzing Ba, Mariama (1979) book, “So long a letter” from a Citizenship Education Lens.

                  Mhlauli, M. B.


560-473     The Effectiveness of the Chemistry PBL Method via Facebook on the Soft Skills of College Students.

                  Sunar, M. S. M., & Shaari, A. J.


474-482     Privatisation and Employment Generation in Nigeria: Myth or Reality (1999-2007).

                  Orluwene, O. B., & Selem-Amachree, I.


483-504     Evaluating Vocabulary Learning Strategies (VLS): Gender differences, the most and least used (VLS)

                  among Angolan EFL Students at the Faculty of Arts (Luanda, Angola).

                  Manuel, N. N.


505-519    Teachers’ Perspectives on Learning Strategies Utilised by Standard Five ESL Learners in Reading for

                  Comprehension Across the Curriculum in Primary Schools in Botswana.

                  Mokotedi, R. T., & Mhlauli, M. B.


520-532     Teachers’ Voices on School Toilet Sanitation.

                  Kasule, D., Silo, N., & Seetso, G. T.


533-540     Teen-Perception and Communication Style in Adolescent Counseling: The River Between.

                   Azunwena, R. N.


541-555     The Development of Secondary and University Education in Rivers State of Nigeria: The Compelling

                  Forces and their Realities.

                  Uriah, O. A., & Okachikwu-Agbaraeke, O.


556-563     Swimming in Flood Waters: An Examination of the Syrian Spring.

                  Eremie, V. T.


564-572     Curbing Youth Restiveness in Rivers State: The Role of Adult Education.

                   Alozie, K., & Torutein, O.


573-576     Women Empowerment and Indian Constitution.

                  Singh, R. K.


577-589     Psychometric Properties of English Language in Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination

                  Questions in Rivers State.

                  Joe-Kinanee, J. N. B., & Opara, I. M.


590-600     Art and Design Discourse: A Critical Review of Botswana Lower Primary School Creative and Performing

                  Arts Texts for Curricula Relevance and Alignment

                  Mannathoko, M. C.



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