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Vol. 11, Issue 3B, 2018.



467-480     The Extent of Social Responsibility Practice and its Relationship to the Concept of National Unity from the

                   Point View of the Hashemite University Students in Jordan.

                   Al Khaza'leh, M. S.


481-492     Social Welfare Services for the Vulnerable: A Sine qua non for the Formulation of a Comprehensive Social

                   Welfare Policy for Healthy Living in Nigeria.

                   Oriji, C. C.


493-520     In-Service Training and Teachers’ Job Performance in Public Senior Secondary Schools in Rivers State.

                  Maclean, I. F.


521-528     Verbal Ability and Grammatical Competence as Determinants of Secondary School Students’ Writing


                  Ogunyemi, K. O., & Adebowale, E. O.


529-544     Juvenile Infraction in Selected Secondary Schools in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

                   Nwachukwu, U.


545-576     Principals Fund Management Strategies for Effective Administration of Public Secondary Schools.

                   Amirize, M., & Ololube, N. P.


577-612     Teachers Job Motivation and Quality Education Delivery in Mission Secondary Schools.

                   Orupabo, F. T., & Nwankwoala, H. N.


613-620     Perceived Effects of Religious and Cultural Belief on Students’ Participation in Sports among Universities in

                  the Geo-Political Zones, Nigeria.

                  Deemua, G. A., & Nwankwo, G. O.


621-626     The Role of Nutrition Education in Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Security.

                   Ifejimalu, A. C., & Onuoha, C. U.


627-635     Item Response Theory (IRT): A Modern Statistical Theory for Solving Measurement Problem in 21st


                  Ogunsakin, I. B., & Shogbesan, Y. O.


636-644     Influence of Sports Administrator’s Demographic Variables in Grassroots Sports Development in Abia North

                  Senatorial Zone in Abia State.

                  Deemua, G. A., & Ndukwe, U. N.



                 Complete Issue Vol., 11(3B), 2018

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