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Vol. 12, Issue 4 2019.



 404-418     The Impact of New-Genre Leadership Style Training on Leadership Skills of School Leaders.

                    Nisar, N., Quraishi, U., Khanam, A., & Rabica, M.


419-429      Physical Environment and Arrangement of the 21st Century Classroom for Managing Disruptive

                   Behaviour in Public Schools in Rivers State, Nigeria.

                    Abraham, L. N., & Fombo, E. K. A.


430-447     The Functionality of the Contributory Funding Arrangement for Universal Basic Education Programme

                   in Nigeria.

                   Onuoha, A. N.


448-455     Family Variables and Tendencies of Drug Abuse among Undergraduate Students in Africa:

                  The Case of the University of Calabar, Nigeria.

                   Esuabana, S. B.


456-469     Access to Safe Water and Sanitation Among the Igalas in North Central Nigeria.

                  Dare, A. E.


470-476     Attitude of Christian Parents towards Sex Education in Etche, Rivers State.

                  Ordu, S. N.


477-488     Institutional Leaders Capacity in Promoting Peace Culture in Public Universities.

                  Okoko, S. E.


489-499     Senior Secondary School Physics Curriculum Content Coverage and Student’s Achievement in

                   Katagum Educational Zone, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

                   Usman, I. S., & Abubakar, Y. B.


500-508     Methods and Awareness of the Effects of Contraceptive Utilization among Young Female Students in

                  Calabar, Nigeria: Implications for Guidance and Counseling.

                  Esuabana, S. B.


509-523     Strategies for Managing Classroom Distractions for Effective Teaching and Learning.

                  Mandah, N. N.


524-533     Utilization of Scarce Resources in a Downturn Economy for Effective School System in Nigeria.

                  Owhonda, S. N.


534-540     Impacts of ICT-Based Instructional Materials on the Management of Students’ Disruptive Behaviour in

                  Public Schools in Rivers State, Nigeria.

                  Abraham, L. N., & Fombo, E. K. A.


541-552     Forces and Agents of Change and Innovation in Education in Senior Public Secondary Schools in

                  Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area, Rivers State.

                  Ibegwara, O. A., & Harrison, A.


553-563     Leadership Style: A Panacea for Administrative Efficiency in a School System.

                   Igbegiri, D. C., & Mbagwu, J. U.


564-577     Change and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Nigerian Universities.

                  Wali, T. J., & Okai, N. O.



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