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Vol. 11, Issue 2, 2018.



175-186    School Climate and Student Academic Achievement in Edo State Public Secondary Schools.

                 Omemu, F.


187-203    Multimedia and Language Acquisition: English Language Learners in Jazan University.

                  Alhanash, A. A. S.


204-219    Principals Participation in Staff Development Programmes for Effective Performance in Public Secondary

                 Schools in Rivers State.

                 Chiemeka-Unogu, C. M.


220-227    Lecturer’s Qualification in Universities and Sustainable Development in Ondo State, Nigeria.

                  Alade, F. O.


228-237    Socio-Political Considerations in the Management of Nigerian Teachers: Implications for Educational

                 Governance in Rivers State

                  David-West, T. M.


228-246    The Role of Social Studies Education in the Economic Recovery and Stability of Nigeria.

                  Gibson, M. K., & Paulley, F. G.


247-264    Historical Analysis of Educational Policies in Nigeria: Trends and Implications.

                  Daniel-Kalio, B.


265-275    Exercise and Good Nutrition: Roadmaps Towards Aging Gracefully Among Growing Adults in Nigeria

                 Joseph, R., & Kimisoutei, S. I.


276-291    A Conceptual Framework of Demographic and Personality Variables in Principals’ Performance in the

                 Management of Secondary Schools.

                 Walson, O. B. A., & Yellowe, A.


292-317   Single-Parenthood and Juvenile Delinquency among Secondary School Students in Rivers State

                 Elechi, S. A. & Urial, O. A.



                 Complete Issue Vol., 11(1), 2018 

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