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Vol. 11, Issue 4, 2018.



645-664      Analysis of the Visual Materials from Turkish Social Studies Textbooks in Terms of Their Types,

                   Communicative Functions and Features.

                   Sensekerci, E.


665-674      Talent and Staff Knowledge Management Strategies of Academic Heads of Departments for Teaching

                    Improvements in Rivers State Universities.

                    Kaegon, L. E. S., & Ejiogu, G. C.


675-685      Effective Preparation of Mathematics Teachers in ICT towards the Implementation of Mathematics

                   Curriculum in the 21st Century.

                   Otikor, M. S.


686-695      Effects of Computer-Assisted Jigsaw II, Team Assisted Instruction and Learning Together Cooperative

                   Instructional Strategies on Basic Science Students’ Attitude, Achievement and Retention in Upper Basic


                   Fatokun, F. V. K., & Samuel, R. I.


696-705      Education Law and Facility Management at the Secondary School Level in Nigeria.

                    Agi, U. K., & Ereme, I.


706-715      Management of Functional Public Universities for Leadership Values Re-orientation and National

                   Development in Rivers State.

                   Kaegon, L. E. S.


716-724      Effect of Simulation Instructional Package on Upper Basic Science Students’ Interest, Achievement

                   and Retention in Body Systems.

                   Samuel, R. I.


725-731      Succession Planning, Workshop and Academic Job Performance of Teachers in Public Secondary

                   Schools in Rivers State.

                   Odigwe, B., & Abraham, N. M.


732-744      Strengthening Local Government Councils for Effective Community Development Programming in


                   Etigbamo, E. J.


745-755      Teachers Decry Indiscipline among Students in Botswana: Hidden Curriculum Strategies as a Panacea.

                   Oats, R.


756-782      Effective Leadership Style as Correlate of Staff Performance in Universities in Rivers State.

                   Bamson, E. F., & Ololube, N. P.


783-796      Efficacy of Cooperative Learning Strategy on Fifth Graders’ Achievement of English Language Tests in

                   Tafila Directorate of Education.

                    Al.qomoul, M.


797-809      Concept Mapping Strategy and its Effects on Students’ Performance in Senior Secondary School

                   Organic Chemistry in Imo State of Nigeria.

                   Ariaga, B. A., & Nwanekezi, A. U.


810-817     Competence Improvement Needs of an Undergraduate Programme in a Nigerian University for

                  Coaching and Performance of Occupational Therapy.

                  Olaosebikan, B. T., Abdullah, A., Opara, J. A., & Myfriend, B. K.


                 Complete Issue Vol., 11(4), 2018

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