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Vol. 11, Issue 1, 2018.



1-27           Expatriate Teachers’ Multicultural Competence and Students’ Attitude towards the Expatriate.

                  Wubshet, H., & Menuta, F.


28-50         Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching Geography in Secondary

                  Schools in Obio/Akpor, Rivers state, Nigeria.

                  Abraham, L. N., & Chuku, B. J.


51-62        Systems Approach to Entrepreneurial Education: A Panacea to Business Skills in Nigeria Tertiary Institution.

                 Amadi, R., & Opara, D. N. C.


63-70        Emotional Intelligence as Predictor of Academic Performance among Secondary School Students in

                 Makurdi Metropolis of Benue State.

                 Amalu, M. N.


71-89        Planned Educational Change and Innovation Process in Nigeria: Evaluation of Universal Basic Education.

                 Chiemeka-Unogu, C. M.


90-98        Estimating the Socio-Economic Implications of Wastage Rate in the Nigerian University Education System.

                 Leigha, M. B.


99-105      Globalizing Secondary Education for National Growth and Productivity.

                 Osuji, C. U.


106-116     Awareness and Compliance to Legal Deposit Law by Book Publishers in Rivers State, Nigeria.

                  Mmejim, I. C.


117-126     Nigerian Police Force and Administration of the School in the Period of Security Challenges in Nigeria.

                  Wali, W. I.


127-136     Effective Implementation of Universal Basic Education in Rivers State: Role and Utilization of Physical


                  Agi, U. K., & Eremie, I.


137-146     Management of Human Resources and Academic Achievement of Government Secondary School

                  Students in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State.

                  Orluwene, O. B., & Ndioho, O. F.


147-153    Computer in Primary Education Administration in Government Schools Tanzania.

                 Temu, H. H.


154-163    Researchers and User-Generated Content: What we Get, What is the Quality, and how we Ascertain the

                 Credibility? Three Mandatory Questions for Internet Resource Users.

                  Amadi, R., & Oriji, A.




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